Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I buy Foley?

Does Foley work with Wix, WordPress or Squarespace?

Nope, nada, no. Foley is for use with Google Sites only.

What's included in the purchase?

A copy of this entire website, include pages, layouts and themes.

Do I need special hosting?

No. At time of writing Google Sites websites are hosted in your Google drive, which is free as part of a Google accout

Do I need to understand coding to use Foley?

No. Google Sites has one of the simplest content editor interfaces I've used. If you can drive Mkcrosoft Word or PowerPoint, or wrangle with Google docs, you'll be able to use Google Sites. Check out this tutorial on Hubspot for a good intro.

Can I use this template for my own projects?

Yes. Each purchase of Foley permits you to use the template as many times as you like on your projects, personal or otherwise. You're not permitted to resell the template as is, claim it as your own work, or share it with other people.

Can I use Foley for any type of website?

Yes, I've built a wide range of pages to suit most needs. Just keep the pages you want to edit, and delete or hide the others. Easy!