Getting started

Thank you for purchasing the Foley Google Sites template!

Thank you for purchasing this Google Sites template and supporting my work. Foley is the only Google Sites template you'll ever need, the product of over 400 design, test and development hours. I value your feedback and if you do have comments or suggestions please contact me and let me know - I want to keep improving this product and your input is welcomed.

This guide is intended to provide guidance on how to get the most from the Foley template - it is not intended to serve as a Google Sites tutorial. Please familiarise yourself with Google Sites basics before using this template. (There are some great learning resources on the Google website, Hubspot and Youtube).

How to access Foley

You can buy Foley in my Google Sites template shop. After your purchase I will send you a link to your own personal copy of the whole website. This will be unique to you, and only accessible by you, via your Google account email address.

You will need to make a copy of the template into your Google drive. There are some simple instructions here. When you've completed that, the website is yours to edit as you wish. You can make as many copies as you like for personal or commercial projects.

What's included in the purchase?

You're buying a complete website, exactly as you see it here. Literally, an identical copy.

Note: when you buy Foley you're paying for the time, effort and experience I've used to create the page layouts, section blocks and themes. What you're not paying for are:

Fonts, stock photos and logos are free resources from the web used for the purpose of illustration. I am not selling licences to use these resources.

How do I use Foley?

Essentially you're buying a complete website. All you need to do is select which pages you want to use in your project and either hide or delete the pages you don't need. You are not permitted to resell Foley or claim it as your own work. You can sell it as part of a client project delivery.

Add your pictures, logos and paragraphs to suit your particular need and bingo - your website is created. Simply edit the text to suit your need and publish - a professional looking website in double quick time.

Friendly tip #1: Please make sure you're familiar with Google Sites before you buy Foley. I will support the template and will answer questions related to the template itself, but I do not provide support for the Google Sites platform. (See the list of learning resources below).

Friendly tip #2: I've found it quicker to make a copy of Foley for each new project, and quickly delete the pages I don't need, duplicate ones I like or hide the ones I might need later. 

Getting help with Google Sites

Here's some excellent learning resources to help you get more out of Google Sites: